Millions of searches are performed each day by users looking for some products or services. Ever wondered how to acquire these customers? Well, the answer is simple; advertise your business through the search engine advertising channels. We, at Tecsane, help you to capitalize on this opportunity and find your potential customer.

Any decent mind can read a few blogs and start advertising on these platforms. How effective those advertising campaigns are, that’s another question. This is where we come in. From choosing the right type of advertising campaign to the intricacies of the campaign setup, we personalize each aspect to your business.

Our years of experience and comprehensive services will not only help you in generating sales and revenue, but also free up your time and resources from marketing and focus on other aspects of business.

Initial Setup

Before the actual ad campaign setup is started, a clear understanding of the business and its objectives is vital. We thoroughly analyze your products and services to find out the best keywords, demographics and locations to target.

Choosing the right keywords that trigger your ads can be tricky. We use our experience to discover the keywords that will work for your business. Keywords will be categorized based on different services that you offer and intriguing ads will be written for them.

Apart from writing engaging ads, there are a lot of behind-the-scene settings which help in controlling the costs of ad campaigns. Using the keywords in correct match types, setting an upper cap on daily budget, scheduling time and days of the week to show ads, adding sitelinks, properly using the ad extensions etc. provide a tightly structured ad campaign.

Finally, setting up conversion goals and conversion tracking codes on your website or landing pages provide a conclusive measure of the performance.

Monitoring and Optimization

In order to keep your campaign in great condition, we keep a track of its performance and make adjustment at regular intervals to increase sales for your business.

Our optimization process is focused on increasing conversions while reducing the ad costs. Keywords need to be added as negatives which are not relevant to your business but trigger your ads. These can very quickly increase the ad costs. So, search terms are analyzed to find negatives that triggered your ads.

Refining ads, increasing budget for converting keywords, changing bidding strategies, adding new keywords, etc. are some aspects of campaign optimization.

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting with target parameters is presented in weekly, monthly performance reports. In order to provide a visual representation, Data Studio is a tool to create analytical tools. All the reports are configured for your email address.

We, at Tecsane, believe in effective communication. If you have any hesitation or question, you can simply reach out at any stage. We’ll combine your suggestions into our plan and ensure that everything is as per your preference.