Getting your website ranked in Search Engine results can be confusing for businesses, either you are a new start-up or have been in the game for a long time. Well-established brands capture the top spots and don’t budge from these spots as they shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain them. What can we do to outbox them? 

Fortunately, Search Engine Optimization does not have a hard-coded set of rules. The ranking criteria and policies keep on changing as search engines try to stay a step ahead of the human mind. We, at Tecsane, keep abreast of the latest ethical techniques, algorithm updates and policy changes to provide our customers a competitive edge over the established brand. “Even an edge over the million-dollar companies?” Yes.

Competitor/Industry Research

At Tecsane, we begin with a Competitor and Industry research. This is the most crucial aspect for any project and helps in defining an effective strategy. We believe in providing customized solutions for each business. Each business has its own niche market, target demographics and different objectives, then why should the marketing strategy be same.

A thorough research at this phase not only helps in defining a plan and its contingencies, but also eliminates the need to haphazardly adjust the plan at a later stage. We monitor the competitors and their approach over the web, to find gaps and corner the market.

Technical SEO Audit

An audit of the website provides an overview of the current SEO health. Tecsane believes in technically auditing websites from all aspects to unearth current and future SEO issues that may dampen the progress.

Thorough audit reports are provided along with a checklist of tasks to track the progress throughout the process. We ensure that the customer is always updated with provided transparent services. So, an audit report with clear objectives becomes rudimentary for any business.

Keyword Research

Apart from identifying the keywords that your competitors are targeting, we also conduct an independent Keyword Research based on the services/products that you offer. It will include a set of highly relevant keywords to be targeted on each page of the website.

We focus on a mix of high search volume and low competition keywords relevant to each page. By segregating keywords on different pages as per their relevancy, chances to rank multiple keywords increase. Furthermore, long-tail and location-specific keywords play an important role in the selection process as well.

On-Page SEO

It is the process of configuring each page of the website in a way so that the search engines can understand them. This includes insertion of the shortlisted keywords on the frontend as well as the backend content of a page.

Each page should have a clean URL structure with a unique page title and content. Title tag provides a brief overview of the topic of page and the Meta description provides a summary of the content for the search engine bots. This information is crawled by search engine bots to classify the pages and rank them on search engine result pages (SERPs) based on a user’s search query.

In addition to these, H1, H2, tags and Image alt tags provide more information about the content on the page. Optimizing the page load speed and fixing validation errors help the search engines in giving more weightage to the page.

We believe in periodically monitoring and refining the on-page factors. Search engines bots feed on the unique content, so we audit the on-page factors each month and revise the content according to that.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO includes the aspects which are not directly updated on the website’s pages, hence the name. Content based on the target keywords is placed on high authority websites with a link back to your website.

It provides direct traffic from well-known, high authority websites. It is known as the link-building process. We have a directory of such websites that allow us to create backlinks on their domain and provide link juice to your website.

We believe in refreshing these links from time-to-time to ensure their longevity. More high authority and industry-specific links directly correlate to the credibility of a website in the eyes of search engines.

Performance Reporting

Managing a business is a tedious enough task. Dealing with the marketing teams and crunch the numbers into layman terms can only add to this task. So, Tecsane helps its customers in customizing weekly/biweekly/monthly reports based on their target KPIs.

Performance reporting with key parameters helps customers in spending less time on them and ensures smooth sailing. Graphical representations and Data Studio reports provide a visual representation of Analytical stats for better understanding.

In a nutshell, from selecting the correct keywords to defining a game plan and implementing it effectively, Tecsane is an SEO brand that believes in providing professional and transparent results for local and global brands. We hope to hear from you soon at “email/phone number”